Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Morphsuits But Were Afraid to Ask

You’ve seen them at sports games, and in goofy YouTube videos. Maybe you know someone who wears one — and probably at every chance he or she gets. You may have chuckled at them, or shook your head in bewilderment.

I don’t know why exactly, but Morphsuits fascinate me. Maybe it’s morbid curiosity about what kind of person would wear such an outlandish thing in public. Maybe I secretly wish I was brave enough to be that silly in front of other people. More than anything, it’s probably because they look like superhero costumes — and anyone that knows anything about me knows how much I love superheroes.

Journalism is a highly competitive business, far more than it’s ever been before. News happens constantly, and you have to turn stories around insanely fast to keep up. At the same time, finding ways to stand apart from the crowd gets harder everyday, so we’re always encouraged to come up with new ideas or angles, think outside the box, and plan far ahead for content that’s timely.

With Halloween approaching, I thought it’d be the perfect time to finally get to the bottom of this zany spandex craze. I’d satisfy my own curiosity, and create a guilty pleasure piece that people couldn’t not read.

After receiving some press releases and other offers from Morphsuits, I reached out to them with a proposal of my own: a nothing-is-off-the-table interview that would ask the questions people wonder about, but no one ever asks.

I just couldn’t help wondering. And be honest. Some part of you, deep down inside, is wondering too.


What’s it like to wear a Morphsuit? What’s the appeal? What if you don’t have a body-by-God? And why do people who wear them love them so much? Continue Reading